Finance Technology Leverage LLC

We fund the final steps, so your innovation can make the giant leaps

Removing the barriers between innovation and progress

We are passionate about helping those who help others. We believe our role is to support entrepreneurs who are developing technologies that will overcome humanity’s greatest challenges.

Technology companies have the potential to change the world. But while they might have great products and a highly skilled team, they need capital, often a great deal of capital, to realize their potential. As a late-stage private equity firm that specializes in project finance, we understand this need.

FTL works collaboratively with management to provide project finance by de-risking the investment. We support our partners so they can focus on creating the technologies of the future.

What we do

Mitigating risk to maximize innovation

Our approach to project finance is centered around mitigating risk, optimizing the value of the capital we provide, and maximizing each company’s capacity to innovate.

When companies want to launch 5G communication satellites into space, we isolate investors from risk, removing the traditional barriers to project finance.

If entrepreneurs need $300 million to develop new immunotherapies, we structure the investment to optimize the capital outlay at every stage of the project, making it easier to fund.

For businesses that want to manufacture hypersonic jets, we negotiate outsourcing partnerships to access existing factories instead of creating expensive custom-built facilities.

We provide this project finance using our industry-specific knowledge, alongside our global network of experts and business leaders, to find unique solutions for every business we invest in. Our partnership helps innovators focus on what matters most: developing their technologies and creating new markets.