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Let’s leverage innovation to overcome humanity’s greatest challenges

global private equity firm

FTL is a growth-stage, global private equity firm that provides capital for innovation in energy, life sciences, industrial technology and aerospace. We invest in humanity’s most ambitious projects, so that together, we can change the world for the better.

Why we do it

Throughout history, humanity has been defined by the challenges it has overcome. When millions died from disease, we created vaccines. When the planet became too small, we built vehicles to take us around the globe – and beyond it.

Technology has always been our greatest weapon in this fight for a better world. The fearless innovators of the past have constantly pushed us beyond what was previously thought possible. Fire and spear have evolved into solar power and autonomous farming, fueling and feeding an ever-growing population.

Today, humanity faces far greater challenges than ever before. As the climate crisis steadily deepens and global populations are threatened by pandemic disease, technological innovations give us hope, and promise to re-define the future.

A future where no loved ones are lost to cancer, where every child has clean drinking water, where communication infrastructure connects even the most remote outposts of our civilization. A future where mega-cities run on purely sustainable energy, where automation helps feed the hungry, where commercial space fleets take us to the stars. A future free of the fear of pandemics.

But as the scale of the challenges increases, the barriers between innovation and progress rise too. Serious projects require serious capital, and we are here to provide it.

FTL is a global private equity firm. And we believe in technology’s capacity to advance the dreams of humanity.

What we do

First Hand Experience

We have experienced first-hand the challenges in developing new, innovative technologies and bringing them to market. You can trace our history back to one seminal project in Silicon Valley during the mid-1990s.

Rotary Rocket Company paved the way for the global commercial space flight boom. Our team discovered something important when working together on this project: the barriers between innovation and progress are not always scientific possibilities, but often simply the inability to access the required capital.

This project was the first time we applied our unique approach to removing these barriers. Since then, our team has worked separately on all corners of the planet and across a huge range of disciplines. At FTL, all this experience is now focused on being the catalyst behind the technology companies of the future.

FTL is a private equity firm guided by a philosophy of innovation, from the companies we invest in through to the way in which we invest. This investment expertise guides us as we provide capital to the world’s most exciting and challenging projects. Our goal is to improve the lives of millions around the world, by leveraging innovation to overcome humanity’s greatest challenges.

How we do it

Our Mission

We believe that technology can connect us, heal us, change us, and unite us.

We believe that technology has defined our past and will redefine our future for the better.

We are a unique private equity firm, but our mission is simple: to realize the potential in technology to advance the dreams of humanity.

Industry overview

FTL Team

Frederick Giarrusso, Ph.D.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Jerry Flaxman

Director, Global Business Development

Glen Surles

Director, Finance & Risk Management

Olga Jackman

Head of Strategy and Branding

Christian Lear

Director, Capital Development