Finance Technology Leverage LLC

The Team

Olga Jackman is the brains behind the brand.

She is an internationally recognized business leader, strategist, and speaker, and has worked with both political leaders and business moguls for over 20 years, transforming ideas into profitable brands. 

A highly sought-after expert in business strategy and brand development, Ms. Jackman has provided strategic consulting for government institutions, as well as technology and financial start-ups, across 15 countries. She is passionate about entrepreneurship and has founded four successful businesses, receiving multiple awards for her innovation. 

Ms. Jackman’s unique approach to business strategy builds on a foundation of rigorous academic discipline with world-class creativity and business leadership. Having started her career as a professional piano player, Ms. Jackman pivoted to design and became a seminal figure in the Ukrainian fashion world, representing Ukraine on the global scene. There she served as a creative fashion director for advertising campaigns for industry leaders such as Philip Morris, Gallaher, Nestlé, Tuborg, Avon, and many others. 

In the early 2000s, Ms. Jackman starred in a popular TV show about successful women in business. Broadcast around the world, her show had a global weekly audience of over 46 million people.

Ms. Jackman’s passion is to help professionals monetize their expertise and build a business from zero to Empire.

Christian is a seasoned investment professional who is driven by finding solutions to investment challenges. His background is in international trade and finance. 

Before joining FTL, Christian worked across three continents for a number of financial institutions. He worked for a commodities trading firm before accepting a Finance Director role for a commodities exporter. Since then, he has been extensively involved in investment management and in private equity transactions.

For FTL, Christian connects with the capital markets, institutional and private investors to source funding for our investments and to support their development and growth. He also plays a key role managing client relationships.

Jerry is an insurance specialist with over 40 years of experience in risk and finance. He is passionate about innovation and has worked at the forefront of innovative aerospace insurance throughout his career.

Jerry started his career in the aerospace industry as an aircraft engineer, before transferring his skill set to aviation insurance. Before joining FTL, Jerry was Aviation Claims Director, and then Managing Director of the Space Division at Willis. He has also held senior management positions at Allianz and QBE.

At FTL, Jerry leads the team identifying opportunities and potential strategic partnerships—particularly around how to manage risk. He develops and manages the relationships between FTL and some of its key partners. Jerry plays a crucial role in understanding partners’ needs and identifying ways to meet them.

Glen is an expert in finance, risk management, and insurance. He believes that innovation isn’t just something that you should invest in, it should define the way that you invest. As a result, throughout his career, he has developed unique techniques for providing finance for the world’s most exciting projects.

He has worked at the convergence of finance, risk management, and insurance throughout his career. While Senior VP at Willis Corroon Inspace, Glen invented risk mitigated project finance. He also applied his techniques at several leading satellite infrastructure companies such as COMSAT and Intelsat.

At FTL, Glen focuses on funding space and energy projects. He is instrumental in structuring the finance that we provide and working with our portfolio partners to identify and eliminate the roadblocks between them and the capital we provide.

Frederick is a long-time entrepreneur and investor in innovative high-growth technology companies. He has a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship and has been at the forefront of several emerging global trends in commercial space flight, predictive analytics, energy, and financial services throughout his career. 

After completing his Ph.D. in Management Science & Engineering at Stanford University, Frederick was a founder of Rotary Rocket Company and Data Digest. He went on to be a Managing Director at Llenroc Capital and Managing Partner at Decision Strategies, Inc. where he oversaw multi-billion-dollar investment projects in the energy industry.

At FTL, Frederick oversees the company and its portfolio. He builds strategic partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders and manages the growing team. He plays a key role in developing innovative new finance strategies for FTL’s most challenging projects.