Finance Technology Leverage LLC

Finding the right fit

Our goal is to improve the lives of millions around the world, and financing technological innovation is the way to achieve it. That’s why we carefully select portfolio opportunities that have this potential.

The type of companies we work with

We have high standards when selecting our portfolio partners in life sciences, industrial technology, and energy. We understand that success is about more than just a good idea, so we target companies that fit the following profile.


  • Your solution has a clearly defined market
  • Within this clearly defined market, your technology is genuinely innovative


  • You are a late stage company
  • You are ready to go to market
  • You have already identified interested customers
  • You have a smart and effective management team in place

Financial Position

  • Your company already has a healthy balance sheet with sufficient working capital
  • You require a substantial investment of more than $25 million You need capital to take your solution to market, not as a lifeline